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INRA - Unité Physiologie de la Reproduction et des Comportements Nouzilly

UMR Physiologie Reproduction Comportements

Programme 2014

Programme 2014

Mercredi 18 juin 2014

08h15 – Petit-déjeuner d’accueil

08h45 – Présentation de la journée par le directeur de l’UMR, Florian Guillou

1ère session animée par Pascal Vaudin :

Gène et Génome : Neurobiologie et Comportement

09h00 – Emilie Perez : First investigation of the cerebral network implicated in food neophobia in young chicken

09h15 – Sabrina Gaudin : Primary attachment figure who does not provide caregiving leads to alterations of key features of a secure attachment relationship

09h30 – Rebecca Corona : Contribution of olfactory neurogenesis to maternal behavior and offspring recognition in sheep

09h45 – Lyes Derouiche : In vitro screening of ethinylestradiol effects on neural development

10h00 – Julien Barzten Sprauer : Effect of reproductive status on expression of RFRP-3, Kisspeptin and Neurokinin and analysis of neuroanatomical distribution of RFRP-3 neurons population

10h15 – Caroline Decourt : Importance of RFRP3 on LH secretion in ewes: what did you expect?

10h30 – Arsene Ella : Computation of a sheep brain template in MRI

10h45 – 11h15 : Pause Posters

2ème session animée par Yann Locatelli :

Fertilité et Maitrise de la Reproduction

11h15 – Maxime Reverchon : Visfatin is expressed in bovine ovary: involvement in granulosa cell steroidogenesis?

11h30 – Philippa Kohnke : Massal Motility assessment to predict Fertility in Male Animals

11h45 – Carmen Alminana : Exosomes: mediators of embryo-maternal communication

12h00 – 14h00 : Repas / Posters

3ème session animée par Joëlle Dupont

Récepteurs et voies de signalisation

14h00 – Anthony Estienne : Anti-Müllerian Hormone regulation by the Bone Morphogenetic Proteins in the sheep ovary: A direct effect of BMP signaling pathway on the Anti-Müllerian Hormone promoter?

14h15 – Christine Lagaraine : Fluorescent Ligands for Melatonin Receptors

14h30 – Flavie Landomiel : Molecular characterization of β-arrestin interaction with different kinases: a first step towards identification of novel signaling mechanisms?

14h45 – Nathalie Langonné : Characterization of β-arrestin's phosphorylation downstream of GPCRs

15h00 – Astrid Musnier : Pharmacological targeting of the FSH receptor and the CXCR4 by modulating antibody fragments

15h15 – 15h45 : Pause

4ème session animée par Svetlana Uzbekova

Approches «omiques» et Bioinformatique

15h45 – Clément Soleilhavoup : Ram seminal plasma proteome and its impact on liquid preservation of spermatozoa

16h00 – Aurore Thélie : Proteomic approach to identify fertility markers in chicken semen

16h15 – Laura Soler Vasco : Advancing in domestic birds reproduction technology through–omics techniques

16h30 – Thomas Bourquard : Unraveling the molecular architecture of β -arrestin/Erk signaling module using PRIOR

16h45 : Clôture de la journée

Mini Posters non présentés dans les sessions :

Sébastien Guizard : The chicken repeated sequences

Julie Lépinay : Melatonin MT1 and MT2 receptors on ovine pineal gland

Diep Nguyen : Involvement of AMPK in chicken frozen-thawed sperm function

1ère année de Thèse = Posters affichés :

Caroline Alfaia : Functional characterization of a new neurogenic niche : the Dorsal Vagal Complex

Lucille Butruille : Characterization of the adult hypothalamic neurogenesis niche in sheep, and influence of photoperiod, an environmental factor

Bilel Chahed : Systematic study of the time of appearance and disappearance in the tree of life of genes coding for protein partners (ligand/receptor, enzyme/substrate...)

Dowglish Chaves : Vitrification of cattle oocytes, effect of methods, meiotic stage and cell cycle control

Mélanie Faure : Effect of metformin during pregnancy in mice. Impact on fertility of the offspring

Ophélie Menant : Neuronal projections to the periaqueductal gray matter (PAG) in sheep: a retrograde tracer study

Cindy Riou : Sperm storage in female reproductive tract: study of molecules involved