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INRA - Unité Physiologie de la Reproduction et des Comportements Nouzilly

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Programme 2013

Programme 2013

Mercredi 26 juin 2013

1ère session Gène et Génome : Aspects évolutif et fonctionnel

09h30 Achraf Adib : Progesterone priming enhances the maturation of preovulatory follicles induced by ram effect in seasonal anoestrus Ile-de-France ewes

09h45 – Maxime Reverchon : Chemerin regulates steroidogenesis, sterol and lipid metabolisms in bovine granulosa cells

10h00 – Daphné Brisard : Genes expression of Tribbles family during maturation in surrounding somatic cells in bovine

10h15 – Anthony Estienne : Natural mutations in the Bone Morphogenetic Protein 15 impair Anti-Müllerian Hormone Receptor type II expression in sheep ovary

10h30 – Camille Mansanet : The ovarian ectopic expression of the B4GALNT2 fecundity gene is responsible for the atypical glycosylation of Inhibin in Lacaune Sheep

10h45 – Sébastien Guizard : Chiken run jumps

11h00 11h05 : Discussion


2ème session : Protéomique et modélisation

11h30 – Philippa Kohnke : Assessment of Factors promoting Semen Massal Motility in Rams

11h45 – Clément Soleilhavoup : Proteomic analysis of fluids from the genital tract of ewes during the estrus cycle

12h00 – Thomas Bourquart : Lose yourself to dock

12h15 – 12h20 : Discussion

Déjeuner libre

3ème session : Neurobiologie et Comportement

14h30 – Arsene Ella : Segmentation of MRI sheep brain

14h45 – Sabrina Gaudin : Does the absence of the mother as an attachment figure lead to modifications of the oxytocinergic-CRF system in lambs?

15h00 – Lyes Derouiche : Impact of developmental exposure to 17-alpha-ethinylestradiol in adult mice: neuroendocrine outcomes

15h15 – Julien Bartzen-Sprauer : Interaction between the peptide/receptor couples kisspeptin (KP)/GPR54 and RFRP/GPR147 in controlling GnRH secretion and reproduction

15h30 – 15h35 : Discussion

Jeudi 27 Juin 2013

09h45 – 10h00 :Petit Déjeuner d'accueil

4ème session : Voies de signalisation

10h00 – Julie Lepinay : Functional activity of ovine melatonin receptors (MT1 and MT2) on pineal gland

10h15 – Thi-Mong-Diep Nguyen : Role of AMPK (5’-AMP-activated protein kinase) in the quality of male gametes avian

10h30 – Michael Bertoldo : The role of 5’AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) in Sertoli cell function

10h45 – Kelly Leon : Beta-arrestins interact with p70S6K, and potentially regulate its availability to mediate FSH-controlled translation

11h00 – Flavie Landomiel : Beta-arrestins interaction with PKA may positively impact on G protein-independent ERK activation and cre-driven transcription

11h15 – Gwenhael Jégot : Pharmacological characterization of anti-FSH single chain fragment variable recombinant antibodies

11h30 – 11h35 : Discussion

11h35 – 12h25 : Après le post-doctorat, les concours pour l’entrée dans le public. Des exemples CR à l’INRA ou CNRS et MCU. (Joëlle Dupont et Anne Duittoz)

Déjeuner de clôture et fin des journées 2013